Google Adwords Management Services Melbourne

Google AdWords has established itself as the most prolific and game changing advertising platform when it comes to increasing traffic, creating new leads, and converting sales. While organic SEO is important for any successful website, to get your business in front of the most people possible you’re going to need to utilise Google AdWords.

By using Gossip Digital for your Google AdWords management services, you can easily manage all aspects of your ad campaigns. This includes your budget, how much traffic you’re receiving, and even how many people have called your business. Our experts can look after your advertising so you can spend more time focused on other areas of your business.

Google AdWords has proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, and with high ROI you’re missing out by not incorporating advertising with Google into your digital marketing.

Acheive your marketing goals!

the process

Keyword Research

Target the right keywords and the right audience

To make the most of Google AdWords you want to drive visitors to your website who are ready to be converted. Often this is in the form of purchasing a product, but conversions can also come in the shape of subscribing or filling out a form. Our Google AdWords management team will conduct thorough research of your business, analysing your audience and competitors to give you the strongest chance of converting traffic into sales.
Campaign Strategy

Creating relevant targeted campaigns

Once our team of experts have identified the ideal keywords for your business, we then devise a Pay Per Click Google Ads campaign based on your needs. We’ll set up every aspect of the campaign, while also using split testing to identify the best performing ads. Once you have signed off on everything the ads can go live and you can start reaping the benefits.
Optimize Grow & Repeat
grow & repeat

Effective CTR through focused A/B testing

To make sure every ad campaign is effective as it can possibly be, Google Ads are optimised through A/B testing to find out which will lead to the highest clickthrough rate and lead to more conversions. Our dedicated team constantly monitors your campaign to make sure it stays optimised. As your campaign develops we will continue to research and identify new opportunities for you to target, with a detailed report provided at the end of each month.

Why Should I Use Google AdWords: Google AdWords has been proven as the quickest strategy to produce increased traffic for your website, even ahead of organic SEO. These campaigns are highly customisable, and completely measurable. At Gossip we see that the conversion rates of our Google AdWords campaigns convert 50% better than organic results.

Find Your Audience: One of the greatest benefits of Google AdWords is the ability to target extremely specific audiences. Google AdWords will only show your ad to people using search terms and key phrases that relate specifically to your business. This targeting ensures the audiences seeing your ads will already be interested in what you’re offering and are ripe for conversion.

Immediate Results: Utilising Google AdWords is a perfect way to get a leg up on your competition. Many companies shy away from using Google AdWords as it can seem intimidating from the outside. By partnering with Gossip we can manage your Google AdWords and give you a considerable advantage over your competitors.

Cost Effective: Most Importantly, Google AdWords is arguably the most cost effective way to advertise in this day and age. You have complete control over how much you will spend on your campaigns, even being able to set your maximum cost per day. Your budget can be adjusted on the fly in real time, allowing you to maximise the effectiveness of your advertising to a degree not seen on other platforms.



Search + Display: $$
Search + Re-marketing + Shopping: $$
Google Merchant Setup – One-off Fee: $$


Each SEO package includes the following

Research for the keyword phrases you want to target.

A suggested cost per click budget you should have to run your adverts.

Campaign, Groups & Ads setup. Ad copywriting.

Set up of advert structured snippets & extensions.

Split testing of ads within groups to ensure we only use the best performing ads.

Ongoing optimisation of ad copy, keywords selection, negatives, bids.

Set up of goals and tracking on your website.

Monthly reporting, analysis & remarks.

Implementation of new Google Ads features following your approval.


Download: Google-AdWords-Management-Service-Summary.pdf

It’s recommended that you have an active Google AdWords Campaign for the life of your business.

Real success is achieved when the ROI of the advertising exceeds the cost. IE. The advertising produces profitable business. To achieve this, the following typically occurs:

1. Your AdWords budget is being fully spent and in a way that your defined objectives are being most effectively achieved.
2. Over time, the goal metrics are being more cost-effectively achieved.
3. Through relationship management, you recognise a real return to your business, over and
4. Above the total spend of the campaign, which includes management fees.

Google AdWords Management services are billed monthly by direct debit using PayAdvantage. Prices shown include GST. No lock in contracts. 30 days notice required to terminate any plan.

Disclaimer: While we carry out all listed tasks. We cannot guarantee visitors will buy something from you or contact you. AdWords is search marketing. It only sends traffic to a website for searched keyword phrases. The website is often the key to converting a visitor into a customer. Visitors to your website only become paying customers if the website is designed in such a way to encourage them to take a certain action such as complete a form or buy a product. A Google AdWords campaign should be implemented for the life of your business. Short term efforts tend not to yield the desired results.